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Strategic. Appropriate. Solution Focused.


D. W. Van Dyke & Co. is a leading consultant in the Healthcare industry as well as a reinsurance intermediary in the Life, Health and Accident markets.

About us

About Us

We've been at this for a while.

D.W. Van Dyke & Co. is a reinsurance intermediary with a 40+ year history of designing risk transfer programs and providing solutions for its clients. All of the intermediaries at D.W. Van Dyke & Co. have insurance and/or reinsurance underwriting backgrounds in a myriad of Life, Accident, Health, Financial, and Casualty product lines, and as a result, are able to provide unique solutions for their clients.


Having these skill sets allows us to work with our clients and assist them in developing strategies that are consistent with the challenges that they face in today's rapidly changing market.


D.W. Van Dyke & Co. provides its Stop Loss clients with historical industry trends, personalized market profiles, and industry rankings in a variety of areas. These profiles and rankings compare a client's historical Stop Loss results to those reflected in our various stop loss surveys.


In addition, we provide our stop loss clients with tailored management reports and consulting incorporating our survey data, industry results, competitive analysis, and industry trends. Reports can be provided in printed or electronic format for sales conferences, industry meetings, Bests meetings, analyst meetings, etc.


Our goal is to provide our clients with the appropriate reinsurance coverage, industry knowledge, and ancillary products by utilizing our knowledge and expertise to ensure their continued success. Our success over the last 40+ years is measured by the success of our clients.

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