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Stop Loss Survey

Developed in 2002 with 13 participants and $500 million of annualized Stop Loss premium, DWVD's current Stop Loss Surveys have grown to $7 billion of annualized premium.

DWVD provides its Stop Loss clients with historical industry trends, personalized market profiles, and industry rankings in a variety of areas.  These profiles and rankings compare a client’s historical Stop Loss results to those reflected in DWVD’s various Stop Loss Surveys.


Some of this information includes:

  • Premium Growth

  • Premium Persistency

  • Renewal Premium Increases

  • Average Case Premium

  • New Business Premium

  • Closing Ratio

  • Case Growth

  • Case Persistency

  • New Premium to Renewed

  • Leveraged Renewal Increase

  • January Premium Concentration

  • Large Claim Trends

In addition, DWVD provides its Stop Loss clients with tailored management reports and consulting incorporating DWVD survey data, industry results, competitive analysis, and industry trends. Reports can be provided in printed or electronic format for sales conferences, industry meetings, Best’s meetings, analyst meetings, etc.

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